Yin Wellness


Yin Wellness is a growing wellness company that started out offering treatments and classes.  They came to us with an idea to start a whole new business and program to help women heal themselves with the Yin Wellness way. We dove all in with them, rebranded and rebuilt everything from their logo to their website. Their websites are built in WordPress, with an extensive members only section with a complete library of yoga and wellness videos, an elaborate affiliate marketing platform and eCommerce system.  

We helped create all of their social media accounts and their digital strategy. We co-produced their global telesummit, a week long virtual event with interviews with thought leaders from around the world. We designed, developed and delivered the creation of their womens wellness program, and a 75 page cookbook.  At present, we are at three websites, two brands, two new products and three years of working together, and have many more projects together in the pipeline.